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Increase productivity. Choose one of our industry-leading audio conferencing products: Level 3SM Ready-Access® gives you audio and web conferencing on demand, without reservations.

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Conferencing Portal

Using your Ready-Access credentials, you can log into the web portal to:

  • Modify your Ready-Access account options
  • Review conference details and enter account codes
  • Learn how to use your conference account features
  • Download an electronic conference card right to your email contacts that includes all of your conference information
  • Access your Ready-Access toll-free/freephone dial-in numbers
  • Administrators can manage users and Ready-Access accounts across their company
Outlook Integration 

Level 3 offers two tools that integrate Level 3 Ready-Access and Web Meeting with the Microsoft Outlook® calendar system. 

Level 3 Connect Add-In for Outlook: Level 3's latest tool that allows you to easily schedule and start audio and web conferences and manage multiple subscriptions.  This supports both Outlook 2007 and 2010.  Visit the Level 3 Connect Solutions page to download the add-in.

Level 3 Ready-Access Scheduler: Level 3's legacy Outlook tool that allows you to schedule and start audio and web conferences.  Supports Outlook 2003 or Outlook Express. Visit the Ready-Access Portal to download.  For a reference, use the Ready-Access Scheduler Quick Reference Guide.

Customer Care 
If you need assistance during a call, press 00 to request an operator. If you are unable to do this, call the Help Desk directly.